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weapon of self destruction

2 September 1983

formerly irradiated.
accents, ace of base, acting, adult swim, austin charvet, bjork, boys, brad and janet, brad majors, brokeback mountain, cheese, cher, chicago the musical, chinese food, computer games, computers, confessions on a dancefloor, conversation, cooking, creating, cuddling, cyanide and happiness, dance, dance dance revolution, dancing, darren hayes, desperate housewives, die mommie die, drag, drag queens, emotional outbursts, emotions, exibitionism, fifth element, friends, futurama, gaga, gay, gay pride, gay rights, graphic design, guilty pleasures, guys, heath ledger, homoerotica, homosexuality, hung up, icon making, infatuation, insomnia, ipod, jake gyllenhaal, julius and friends, karaoke, kids in the hall, kill bill, kissing, kylie minogue, lady gaga, las vegas, love, lust, madonna, making out, mark dalton, maxi singles, mc chris, meditation, men, movies, mp3, music, night owl, nothing really matters, parties, patrick starfish, performing, photography, poetry, poker face, pop, pop music, porn, queer as folk, ray of light, rocky horror picture show, san francisco, savage garden, seattle, sex, sex and the city, sharpies, shiny disco balls, shopping, singing, spongebob squarepants, stars, summer, sunshine, sushi, swept away, tea, techno, teen girl squad, the civic, the fame, the green fairy, the sign, the simpsons, tom lenk, tori amos, tots, traveling, trogdor, tv, underwear, veronica electronica, video games, vodka, walking, wandering, web design, webcomics, who is austin charvet?, wifi, will & grace, writing, yeah yeah yeahs, your mom